Familjen – the original

This was the first Familjen range from Isak. Since then, we have launched a new Familjen series with a bit more edge. The inspiration to the original Familjen range came from our grandparents.

Great granddad Torsten had earned his living through smuggling, and survived his first wife by luck. Back then, when his first wife was still alive and none of us existed, they made young love on the moss while pine needles stuck to their buttocks. They carved promises into tree trunks. 34 times they made pine needle love on the moss by the lake until one night she was struck by lightning and fell down dead by Torsten’s feet. Two years later he met our grandmother Singoalla and that’s when our family history began. From then on Torsten taught everyone he met to live life to the full.

Late summer tanned from lake swims and blueberry lipped from a wild morning snack, Torsten and Singoalla also make pine needle love on a moss clad rock. They have spent their summer chanterelle picking, lingonberry pickling and pike perch fishing and are now cooking up a feast of foraged goodness, to be enjoyed with a small glass of home made apple and dandelion wine.  The end of summer is the time for the big family reunion; the songs and laughter of the homecoming will echo through the night and long into the morning.