Harvest range for Isak

This Isak range was inspired by my grandparents and was more successful that I could ever have imagined. The range of ceramic and tea towels came beautifully packaged in reusable boxes with the Familjen story on the back. The range was sold in over 400 shops worldwide. There are still some pieces of this range available in the Isak web shop.

The villagers of Tingleby are happiest in June, when the sun is high and the spirit feels free. When strawberries are turned into jam and the first baby new potatoes can be unearthed. There is one red-nosed, bearded man disturbing the peace. Like a hungry stray cat he sneaks around at night, looking for comfort. He is the night time thief; a stealer of cigarette butts and moonshine spirits from the porches of his fellow villagers. He grabs whatever he can find. Anything edible, drinkable or smokeable. At night, when the coast seems clear and all day time noise have died down; he sneaks out from his house behind three silver birches. The hunt is good. Two cans of beer, half a bottle of wine. A handful of salad leaves and a punnet of unwashed forest giroles. This will make a splendid feast with some stolen eggs from Jansson’s chickens across the road.

There is a rocket in the Tingleby woods, hidden under a dome of moss and bracken. It is the dreamlever of many Tingleby schoolboys who are often being flung into space after the teacher had rung the bell for the day. The rocket is a rusting old 1958 Cadillac, sitting on mud-slurped rims. A hedgehog lives in the exhaust and there is a hornet’s nest under the bonnet. Wild raspberries poke through the windows and mushrooms grow out of the seats. It was the town taxi from 1958-1963 in which the children rode to school. Unbeknownst to the spacemen a wad of photos sit dried and curling in the locked glovebox and little do they know that their school teacher had been conceived in the backseat of their rocket.