The new Kitchen pattern range

This is a new Sandra Isaksson range for Zenhankook and their range of ZEN shops and Lotte department stores throughout South Korea.

The villagers of Mintbergen are happiest in June, when the sun is high and the spirit feels free. When strawberries are turned into jam and the first baby new potatoes can be unearthed. The kitchen is the most important room of every Mintbergen home. It is where secrets are told, cakes are baked and tears are dried. It’s where culinary magic is created, friendships are fermented and stories and legends are passed on to other generations. Kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. In the Mintbergen kitchens, there are strong traditions to forage and grow; to make the most of everything edible that springs out of the land.

Pickling and preserving; putting summer in a jar to make it last. Pickled dill and coriander herring with schnapps. Blueberry and liquorice marmalade with chili. Pickled cucumber with star anise and sea salt. Everyone in Mintbergen is chanterelle picking, lingonberry pickling, pike perch fishing and crayfish licking. The kitchen is a beautiful happy place to be!